“Beer Way” Was Awarded Gold Medal in Lithuanian Product of the Year 2013 Awards

Lithuanian Product of the Year is the most prestigious award for products manufactured in Lithuania. In 2013, the ceremony was held for 17th time. The products were evaluated by experts from different industries.
In the ceremony, Prime Minister of Lithuania A. Butkevicius thanked all the attending businesses for their work throughout the year 2013, which resulted in Lithuania becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the EU.
Rinkuskiai beer “Beer Way” won gold in the food and drinks category. “Beer Way” is a unique beer from Birzai region, defined by its rich malty taste and firm foam, with slight sweetness of the barley malt combined with the strong aroma of noble hops.
This is the second gold medal won by Rinkuskiai Brewery. Earlier in 2012, “R Proginis” beer was also awarded gold in Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012 awards.