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About Rinkuskiai Brewery ...

Rinkuskiai brewery comes from Northern Lithuania, Biržai region, which is known as the capital of Lithuanian brewers. For centuries, local families have been producing unique beer in this region and the secret recipes were passed from generation to generation. These secret brewing recipes have been preserved to this day. Rinkuskiai brewery combines old brewing traditions with modern technology to produce premium quality product.


Our finest brews

Rinkuskiai Black

Elegant design and deep black colour… 4.2% alc. Rinkuskiai Black will be released in April, 2014.

R Proginis

“R Proginis” (5,2%) is the winner of the prestigious “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012” award and is the best-selling product of the company. It is a premium lager beer, distinguishable for its light amber colour and softly bitter taste.

To create a superior product, Rinkuskiai brewery relies on a special brewing technology and highest quality ingredients. “R Proginis” beer is brewed using only water, barley malt and aromatic hops. The beer is brewed in low temperature and using bottom-fermenting yeast. The whole brewing process takes 30-40 days. Using higher amounts of malt lets us create the unique aroma of the lager, gives it richer taste and thicker texture. The taste is even more enriched by adding extra high quality “Saaz” aroma hops.

Beer Way

“Beer Way” 5,5% (“Alaus kelias”) is a traditional beer from Birzai region. This beer is famous for its rich malty taste that is perfectly combined with the bitterness of the hops.

Rinkuskiai Exclusive

“Rinkuskiai Exclusive” (15%) is a unique extra strong Birzai region beer. This is the strongest naturally brewed beer in Lithuania and in the Baltic states. The high alcohol percentage is due to special yeast and very long fermentation process. No special technologies are used to artificially increase alcohol content. “Rinkuskiai Exclusive” is fermented and matured for 70 days.

It is possible to produce lighter beer under this brand if the market requires (e.g. 8% dark beer).

Port Light

“Port Light” ( 4.7 % ) is a winner of the prestigious “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2004” award. It is a lager of light malty taste, flavoured with aroma hops.  

Port Night

A darker and stronger brother of "Port Light"

Rinkuskiai Root Beer

The brewery has been exporting its root beer to the United States for more than 10 years.

Pub Beer Family

Pub Light

“Pub Light” (4.7 % alc). Traditional Lithuanian lager beer. Light and refreshing taste is created by meticulously selecting and matching different kinds of aroma hops. Only the highest quality malt, special yeast and pure water from undiluted underground spring are used for production of this beer. “Pub light” is a perfect beer for a hot summer day!

Pub Beer

5.2% Pub Beer is a premium lager beer, distinguishable for its light amber colour and softly bitter taste.

Pub Traditional

“Pub Traditional” (6 % alc). It is a light beer of a very rich taste created using secret brewer’s family recipe. Naturally fermented “Pub Traditional” beer offers beer lovers a harmony of light malty taste and aroma of the hops.

Pub Beer 7.5%

“Pub beer” (7.5% alc). Age-long brewing traditions of the region resulted in creating this superior product. Naturally fermented “Pub beer” has a light barley malt taste, perfectly complemented by the aroma of the hops.

Birzieciu Beer Family

Birzieciu Standartas

5.0 % alc.

Birzieciu Standartas

6.0 % alc.

Birzieciu Standartas

7.5 % alc.

Sambariu Beer

In the old times, „Sambariu“ beer was believed to bring better barley after the sowing of grain. During this ritual, all the people would bring their own barley and contribute to brewing „Sambariu“ beer. After the beer was brewed, village people gathered in a house decorated with flowers, they listened to the music, danced and drank beer.

Today, „Rinkuskiai“ brewery still produces traditional „Sambariu“ beer.


Introducing Rinkuskiai Black Beer

Every year Rinkuskiai Brewery offers new beers to their customers. In April 2014, we are launching our newest product: Rinkuskiai Black (4.2% alc., 13°Plato). It‘s a beer of elegant design, deep black colour and refreshing taste.

“Beer Way” Was Awarded Gold Medal in Lithuanian Product of the Year 2013 Awards

Lithuanian Product of the Year is the most prestigious award for products manufactured in Lithuania. In 2013, the ceremony was held for 17th time. The products were evaluated by experts from different industries.

Rinkuskiai is Attending 90th China Food and Drinks Fair in Chengdu

2014 March 28-31st , Rinkuskiai Brewery will attend the 90th China Food and Drinks Fair held in Chengdu, Sichuan. Welcome to our booth at the exhibition, booth No.: 3J164B. See you in Chengdu!

Rinkuskiai Brewery Attended Agro-Trade Forum In Anhui

On September 10-15th, 2013 Rinkuskiai Brewery attended the 8th Agro-Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum Between China and Central Eastern-European Countries in Hefei city, Anhui.

“Rinkuskiai” Beer is Attending Trade Events in China

On September 10-15th 2013 Rinkuskiai Brewery is attending the “8th Agro-Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum Between China and Central Eastern- European Countries.”